Wednesday, March 28, 2012


here is my journal for the day and oh boy is it word vomit..welcome to my head of random thoughts..(lucky you) and i love it. i have the best friends in the world. i have the best roommates in the world. i have the best family in the world. i am so grateful. why am i so blessed?  i know, because where much is given much is required. it's time to show God how grateful i am. it's time to give my time and effort and love to others. it's time to open my heart to those who need love and help. it's time to lift those that have given up. it's time to lend a hand to those who are too weary to lift theirs. i don't mean to be self-centered, but when life gets crazy it's too easy to do. really, it's time to give of myself. 


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