Thursday, March 29, 2012

Behold... adorable my niece (who is almost one!) is and how talented/crafty/amazing my sister-in-law Paige is. Now to find a birthday present for the best dressed/has a more expensive wardrobe than me/her mom has the best style in the world baby/not so baby anymore. Happy almost birthday Ro baby! Your auntie Kiki loves you to the moon and back forever.

stolen from Paige's blog

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  1. ha ha- kenz you make me laugh. and you are totally right about the wardrobe thing... i was looking at hers the other day thinking "i seriously havent spent $1 on myself in how long?" its funny how the mind changes when you have kids of your own. i would rather her be cute than me. and i never would have thought that before she came along. oh man that girl is SPOILED! so excited to see you on saturday. love you!