Monday, February 13, 2012

Wedding Preview

What an AMAZING weekend! It was my sister's wedding in Newport, CA on Saturday. And it turned out perfect. Everything was gorgeous. Lyssa was the most beautiful bride! I am so happy for Mr. and Mrs. Giles. :-) Here's a lil preview of pictures (from my iphone).

spent the night Wednesday night with this cute baby girl
Thursday night was Lyssa's bachelorette  party at Disneyland! In our matching shirts of course! My mom came up with cute riddles for Lyssa's favorite rides and we all had to guess which ride it was-then, of course, we rode!
Steph made these ADORABLE dinners in a bag. Complete with many bows, cute napkins, chinese chicken salad, festive cookies, fruit and decorated water bottles.
Here's what the salad came in. Cute huh!
Front of our shirts said "Alyssa's bachelorette party in the happiest place on earth"
The back said "2.11.12" under a ring and at the bottom "and they lived happily ever after"
Friday night was the open house at this GORGEOUS home in Manhattan Beach. (don't worry, the house that is pictured in this is only the pool house-insane right?)
Most beautiful bride!
Me and Kume (who did lyssa's hair and makeup-so talented) at the wedding at the Newport LDS Temple.
In between the temple and the reception we went to the beach.

View from the balcony of our beach house (so we had to go the beach at least once :).
Then it was reception time at the Balboa Inn. It was right on the beach and sooo beautiful!
First dance as husband and wife.

 Congrats to Lyss and Parker! Love you guys!

More pictures to come..

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