Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Letters of Hope

I went home-home this weekend. Before I went to bed one night I was looking for a "coaster" to put my glass of icy water on. I reached into a box full of letters only to be mesmerized by these handwritten notes. I went through many of them and cried. It was years ago that these letters were written, but the emotion in them was still strong, very very strong. These letters reminded me of a time of devastating heartbreak. A time that is sacred to me because of what I learned from it. My heart was filled with joy and love as I read these letters. These letters were received from the ones I love most, at the time I needed them most. Each letter had words of encouragement. Each letter was filled with hope.. Hope that I had to take from my loved ones since I had none. The individuals who wrote me those letters don't understand how much they meant to me when I got them and how much they still mean to me. Thank you for those letters, my dear family and friends. You'll never know how much they mean.

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