Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Long Weekend

This past weekend some friends and I went to St. George to take advantage of the long weekend for Presidents Day. Going to Zion National Park and hiking Angels Landing was definitely my favorite part of the trip (as well as going to Dixie Rock and literally feeling like I was on mars). We did a wonderful nature "hike" up leeds canyon on our way out of St. George on Monday. The beauty of this earth blows my mind. 

In other news, my world got rocked a bit on Friday when I met with my adviser to talk about grad school. I have been thinking lately that I really want to go get my masters in Social Work. After meeting with my adviser, thinking, talking with people I love, and being guided by a loving Heavenly Father, I have decided to not graduate this semester with my bachelors and take one semester this summer to re-take a couple classes so that I can be a more competitive applicant for grad school. Wait what? I'm staying an extra semester even though I don't have to? You better believe it! And I feel so good about it. Ever since making the decision to stay I have had such an incredible peace given to me that this is what I'm supposed to be doing. I feel good about the fact that I will be able to apply to grad school (including my top choice) with even more confidence, and whether that's now or when i'm 40, or never, that door will be open wider than if I didn't stay. The amount of comfort I have received from Heavenly Father about this decision makes me so happy. It's so cool to see that at the point in my life where I felt so crazy and unsure about a lot of things, God showed me the path I need to take. A path I never would have thought of going down, but a path that now I know is right. This is a huge reminder that I need to be constantly aligning my will with God's will. He knows best. And when we are going down the road in life that is best for us, we will be able to feel that peace that only comes from God. We will be able to feel that peace even in the inevitable stress. 

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  1. Say WHAT?! You'll be here for summer time? Music to my ears. We can play!!!