Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I was driving to Salt Lake last Saturday from Logan. I hit ice in Sardine Canyon and did 1 and 3/4s of a turn into oncoming traffic. As I was turning my first thought was that I was going to flip my car, somewhere in between that and when I saw a vehicle coming straight at me at a fast speed (after I stopped spinning my door was facing him) my thought was that I was going to die. I had a feeling of "what a strange way to die". The vehicle that was heading right for me swerved into a snow bank and the people behind him and in the other lane (the one I was supposed to be in) had all stopped with no crashes. I was so shaken up. My prayer following this consisted of "oh my gosh" for a good while followed by great thanks. I cried pretty much the whole rest of my drive. 
I am so incredibly grateful to be alive and to not have gotten in a crash at all. I was so watched over by a loving Heavenly Father and I am so incredibly thankful. 
I couldn't help but think after the incident why I didn't get in a crash and die. Honestly, it helped me realize there is definite purpose of me being here on earth. It made me want to step up my game {in life-in general}. So maybe I needed that. Game stepping up has officially started.  

Post Script: On my way back through the canyon I realized pretty much all of the canyon road has medians. Just another blessing that I didn't spin into the median.


  1. Oh my goodness! I'm so glad that you are okay. That is so scary.

  2. Kenz that is sooo scary!!! So glad you are ok!!!