Sunday, July 15, 2012

I'm Terrible at Blogging During the Summer

So far this summer I've absolutely cherished time with family, I've hiked (of course), I've loved, loved, loved my time rock climbing, I've celebrated love (of others-of course ;), I've enjoyed time with friends, I've traveled to Indiana where I got to work and spend some fabulous time with my daddy, my sis, my two adorable nieces and bro in law, I've fallen in love with the band The XX, I've reunited with old friends, I've yearned for even more time with my family, I've anticipated my family reunion (this weekend!) and our California trip at the end of this month,  I've started a second job at a frozen yogurt place, I've done summer school, I've swam as much as possible, I've celebrated our wonderful Nation's birthday the best way I could think possible, I've worked wayyy too much and haven't blogged near enough.

Now, of course, here are a billion pictures..

Told you it was a billion...

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  1. I am loving the climbing photos! Looks like you are having a fabulous summer!