Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Favorites and a Doggy

Ummm ok have you ever looked at dogs on KSL that you can adopt from the local shelter? Well don't. Ok but do. And go adopt them so they can have a home. Boy is thinking of getting a dog and I really want him to. He won't let us go to the shelter to just look because he knows we would leave with a dog (which is true, and which is why I'm trying to convince him that we should just go look). Anyways I want this dog:

Here's his description:
Spooky is a great dog, he's gentle, loyal and loving, so what is he doing at a shelter? He's not quite sure, but would love to find a forever home to nestle into. His adoption fee is only 75.00, this includes a 40.00 voucher to get him neutered, plus vaccinations and a microchip. You can find him at the Weber shelter, located at 1373 N 750 W in Ogden, 801-399-8280.

It's not realistic for me to get a dog right now so If you want a dog you should adopt Spooky..the end. 

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  1. Where can I purchase the "People I want to punch in the face" book? :)